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The 0101. is an iconic boxing rope; combining speed, weight and ease of use. It features a 5mm thickness and nylon core providing stability while maintaining a natural curvature at high speeds. The cord thickness enhances velocity and feedback for double and triple-under's. 

The Speed Rope is designed for burning calories. From beginners to experts its the must have accessory for every work out. We love combining this rope while training in between sets.   


  • 9ft adjustable rope
  • 5mm pvc cord 
  • Tangle free nylon core
  • Indestructible Handles


If your starting out, typically a 9ft rope is a great length. As you start progressing your skillset and depending on your desired style, we recommend cutting or knotting the rope to shorten the size in small increments. As you reduce the length, slowly adjust your hands to the pocket position (hands in a vertical line below shoulders) while jumping.

0101. Speed Rope - Magenta | Black
0101. Speed Rope - Magenta | Black Sale price$15.00 USD Regular price$20.00 USD